This Indigogo project has my interest. It is the Moar Bike - electric, folding, fat-tired and nicely priced at $999 US
This Indigogo project has my
$$ backing, and I hope to get my Lolly microphone soon -stereo, reverb, only $45 US.
I bought an Onagofly drone last spring. I haven't flown it yet! Looks cool and takes high-quality images & video.
Gadgets I like!
The tiny Behringer UCA-222 ($47.00!) lets me record perfect digital stereo from iPhone to iPad or vice-versa.
The Foldio 2 display unit and Foldio 360 turntable give me a professional stage for photographing small items.
Meet the Smoovie. It is a tiny Steadicam for compact cameras and phone cameras.

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